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About us

For 15 years Nick and Sophie Coiley have been running a restaurant, B&B and shop in Ashburton. Nick was previously Head Chef & Director at ‘The Carved Angel’ in Dartmouth for thirteen years, where, with Joyce Molyneux, they created its internationally acknowledged reputation as one of the best restaurants in England. Sophie is a sculptor, designer, artist and gardener.

We came to be living & working in this area primarily because of its beauty and because of the abundance of fantastic food produced between the moors and the sea.

We produce Frozen Meals, jams and preserves from Agaric Kitchen. Nick also teaches groups of 8 in his Demonstration Kitchen. Much of our time is spent planting, tending and growing food on our smallholding. We grow most of our salad & herbs, small amounts of soft fruit, flowers, garlic, lemon grass, hot chillies. We have built two wood fired bread ovens which we use to cook bread, pizzas and to smoke cure fish & meats.