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Our Suppliers

We are very passionate about this area of Devon which provides us with such a variety of exceptional produce. Our ethos is to support & work with local suppliers who grow, rear and harvest the ingredients we use in our kitchen. We are very lucky to have some of the most experienced & dedicated organic growers from whom we get courgette flowers, golden beetroot, sweet peppers, soft fruit, pink fir apple potatoes, figs, leafy rainbow chard & multi coloured tomatoes. Without the passion of our growers & suppliers, we would not enjoy this quality and unique diversity and one of the most rewarding parts of running Agaric is the relationships we have with these local artisans.

Almost every part of the frozen meal menu at Agaric Kitchen is made with produce coming mainly from within 20 miles of the Dart. Cod, bass & turbot from Dartmouth by way of ‘The Grumpy Fisherman’ who has been supplying ‘The Grumpy Chef’ for over 20 years along with geese which he rears for us, pigeons & rabbits and anything else that flies in front of his gun or swims under his boat. Fish comes from day boats, is landed at Brixham and then brough to us by Jonas the fishmonger.

All our cheeses come from Country Cheeses in Totnes and most of them are produced in the South Devon area. Beef, pork & lamb comes from Dartmoor Butchers in Ashburton, Bacon and sausages from Chris McCabe in Totnes. Venison is dispatched by expert shot John Butler.

Honey from Dartmoor bees, bottled by Susie Vevers. Eggs are organic and free range from Laydilay hens who also produce excellent mayonnaise. Gluts of fruit provided from local fig, quince & peach growers. Mushrooms and other fruits of the field, shore & hedgerow are gathered by ourselves. Vegetables & salad are grown on our smallholding.